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The NeverEnding Success™ Planner w/Journal & Goal Setting Workbook is the perfect tool package for any dreamer or visionary who is absolutely, by any means necessary, serious about making their dream a reality. Setting specific goals and making detailed plans are two of the best ways to be organized, have clarity about what you want, what you're doing and where you're going. Clarity is important no matter what you're doing or where you're going. Clarity and decisiveness can save time and get the needed results. Not everyone is a goal setter, but even if you aren't, there are still things that you want to do, places you want to go and people you want to see...Having an "end goal" and a plan is helpful. The NeverEnding Success™ Planner w/Journal has FREE journal pages that can be downloaded and printed. This Package was put together to help goal setters and planners whether they're just getting started or have been setting specific goals and making detailed plans for decades! Our 5 year Goal is to have 1MM students worldwide registered and learning how to set specific goals and make detailed plans for their future. Getting the NeverEnding Success Planner™ w/Journal & Goal Setting Workbook in front of them is a start. Do you want to help? ~ Teressa

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The "Kick Butt in 2024" Limmited Time Offer is loaded with elements not usually found in a package at this price point. Take advantage of my insanity! 🔥 Pages & pages of writing space that can be downloaded for Free 🔥 Learn how to set specific goals and make a detailed plan to follow. Work it out in the Basics Workbook of the 6-Success Building BloX™ Specific Goal Setting System 🔥 Private Group Coaching w/ weekly Q&A (scheduling & Time Management) 🔥 2- 15 min. 1:1 Sessions/qtr. (all of 2024) 🔥 "Kick-Butt in 2024" Badge for each quarter completed w/goal achieved

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The NeverEnding Success Planner w/ Journal is our focus for 2024 Teressa is committed to getting as many dreamers, visionaries and future leaders as possible prepared to kick butt in 2024! So committed that she named this offer "Kick Butt in 2024" and created a postable badge to go with it! The badge represents the progress you 're making on your Vision Journey in 2024! It's hard to believe, but according to recent research shared on several research *sites, the percentage of the population that sets goals on a regular basis is shocking and disappointing. Less than 5% achieve their goals because a little over 80% of the population doesn't set goals. If you zoom out and look at the BIG Picture, that's sad... Teressa is an advocate for specific goal setting and detailed planning and believes it should be taught to all students, ages 12-16, as one of the core basics. * *

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